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Welcome to Simply Divine

With Diane Gower 

International Child and Family Therapist, Family Constellations Practitioner

Shamanic Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner,

Charity Firewalk Instructor Fundraiser

At Simply Divine your health, wellbeing and safety is paramount. 

We pride ourselves in walking beside highly trained Mind Body and Spiritual Practitioners  in their chosen fields .

Come and join us for some of the most unique, powerful ,life changing day and weekend retreats- " like no other".

Brought to you with love and blessings

As we host inspiring day workshops, woman and men circles, retreats and large events for the Mind, Body, Spirit.

Delivered by Diane Gower and teams of highly professional practitioners in their chosen area -Including Health Practitioners, Spiritual Teachers ,Masters.

Local, Regional ,National and Global 

AIl taken place in beautiful rural setting of Rutland - without constraints of walls.... OFF THE GRID at our new

Elementary Sanctuary 

Firewalking Charity Angels with Diane Gower

Become one of our hundreds of Firewalking Angels where we raise valuable money for Charities within the UK in a compassionate and safe manner.

To date we have raised over £15,000 in our two years of hosting these inspiring event .with Meeting some of the most heart warming individuals ,families and teams. -

Interested in hosting a event or wish to come and raise valuable money

call Diane on -07848 956269

Here are some of our wonderful Charities -

Lakelands Hospice - Supporting individuals and their families within the community.

Headway - For individuals and families within the community who have experienced Brain Injury

Mind- For those currently experiencing Mental Health

Maplefields School - For Children who have Special Needs and their families

British Legion - For our Elders who have walked before us.


Sacred Mother Earth Healing Lodges

(Inpi )

Mother Earth Lodges & Full Moon Lodges NOW AVAILABLE

Mother Earth Lodges Woman Only & Mixed

Please note these Lodges are not for profit

We request donations to support our continuation of work in supporting others able to attend.

Thankyou in advance & many blessings Diane

Sacred Water"Re-birthing" Breath Work

Day Retreats with Diane Gower & Health Practitioners

Beautiful Day Retreats

Book Early Places are limited

Hosting Spring, Summer ,Autum ,Winter

New Sacred Workshops  

With Diane Gower & Mind Body Spirit Practitioners

Silent Retreats- At one with Mother Earth

Journey of the Soul

Behind The Mask

Spiral Dance

Inner Dance

Into the Heart

Walking In Beauty -Woman Only

Mankind-Men Only

Family Constellation

Sacred Breathwork

Sacred Firewalk

much more

Prayer Tree

Whissendine Village Rutland

In honour of all those around the world who have lost their life's to

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Many prayers have been placed on our Clootie /Rag Tree

Brief history of the Prayer Tree

The prayer tree came before pre - Christian times and Ancient tradition within many cultures around the World. It is used for all faiths and suggested that the cloth takes away the sickness as it frays in the wind and de composes within the elements. In some traditions, they place natural plant medicine such as tobacco within the cloth, as a offering .

Within Native American tradition, Diane became a Sundancer amongst different tribes from around the world in USA . And comes from a line of ancestors of Celtic lands, Scotland where there is (Cootie tree) and Ireland ( Rag Prayer Tree).

Therefore Diane has erected a prayer tree in her homeland in heart of Rural Whissendine, Rutland. Where you can place a prayer ribbon on the tree, for those who are sick. Or perhaps you wish to place a blessing of gratitude. If you cannot visit and wish a prayer to be placed on the tree - please email [email protected] and we gladly place one up for you.

Walk in Beauty & Many Blessings Diane

Simply Divine Products

Handmade with Love

Cushions, Bags, Sage Bundles, Dream Catchers and much more

 Whissendine Sport Club

Whissendine Village



Arrivals please come through gate and park in Whissendine Sports Centre Car park

TELEPHONE: 07848956269