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Welcome to Simply Divine

With Diane Gower 

International Child and Family Therapist, Family Constellations Practitioner

Shamanic Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner,

Charity Firewalk Instructor Fundraiser

Diane Gower-Simply Divine – Elemental Mind Body Spiritual Retreat

Dear Guest,

At Simply Divine, as a business we have tried to go beyond the Government requirements and completed advanced training for Covid19, in our best attempt to keep everyone safe.

In advance of reopening, a comprehensive review of our practice has taken place. Operating safely in a COVID-19 environment is essentially a matter of trying to eliminate the risk of transmission of the virus and, where that is not possible, introducing mitigating measures; for the safety of our hosts, guests and others with reason to visit us, including those camping.

As a result, the following measures have been introduced and we expect all guests to accept and follow these measures during their stay. We do not believe this will have any adverse impact on your classes, retreat, event or enjoyment of being with us or whilst camping. 

Majority of all our guests for retreats come from word of mouth from other participants. 

This is about YOUR personal journey and we wish, only for you to receive the most beautiful experience possible. Our spaces are limited, from one to one, to maximum capacity of 40. These gatherings enable us to deliver the essence of what we do and not dilute, as with many larger gatherings.– More importantly it becomes more personal and keeps everyone safe .

If for any reason you are feeling unwell, been in contact or showing signs of Covid 19, please call NHS 111 and please do not attend our classes retreat or events until you are feeling fit and well. ( we also wish you a speedy recovery)

Please consider when using the facilities what’s best for you and your needs-

While with us please be mindful of helping to reduce the risk of all infections and please be mindful many people use the facilities at other times, many elderly and vulnerable. Therefore be mindful this is equally an unattended facilities and when you use, you take full personal responsibility to yourself and supporting others by cleaning after every use personally.

Our NEW - Outdoor Recycled Elemental Sanctuary

On entering our new unique internal, elemental space - please remove shoes (place in weather proof area provided) - In cooler weather please be mindful to wear warm cozy socks.

Please bring sacred blanket and cushion for more comfort.

Please leave all new seating provided and only remove outside, when permitted - please put back after use.

Elemental Kitchen

Our new elemental kitchen – feel free to use area and make complementary tea and coffee.

We have small cooler box for milks but space is limited.

We have two cooking fires that can be used (allocated times) for those wishing to heat food and make jacket potatoes etc.

Elemental Fire Chief Den

This is to be used for fire tenders and those supporting with Mother Earth Lodges

Elemental Shower

Your more than welcome to use our NEW elemental shower – This often refreshing especially in the HOT Summer. Swim wear MUST BE WORN and not to be used if ceremonies are taken placed.

Elemental Toilet

We have outside portable toilet area for those wishing to change for Lodges ,people with limited mobility , fire tenders at NIGHT –For those needing to potty - please place tissues in black bag PROVIDED ONLY and empty when ¼ full. Please use cupful of OUR natural odor eliminator into bucket once emptied. Please wash and sanitize hands before and leaving area.

Sacred Mother Earth Drum Area

New Sacred area is to be used for Mother Earth Drum only.All other sacred personal drums to be used in allocated Drumming Circle

Sacred Medicine Wheel

Please DO- NOT go into this sacred space unless in Ceremony and shoes must NOT be worn at any time (in all SEASONS)

Sacred Mother Earth Purification Lodges : We host Ladies lodge and family lodges which is for men and woman (mixed) 

 All participants please bring own towel and Ladies must wear long Skirts/ Sarong.- Men T shirts and Shorts

Travel Address : Whissindine Sports Club, Melton Road, Whissindine Village, Oakham Rutland Leicestershire, LE157EU

Travel by Air: (East Midlands Airport 27.2 miles ).Currently we are not having guest from International waters but will be reviewed in line with Government Guidelines.

Travel by Car /Bus /Rail: We request that others from same household travel together and only were necessary individuals from other households travel in same car. We request avoid peak travel where possible .Travel behind other people, rather than beside where seating arrangements permit. Minimize where possible loud talking, shouting or singing. Touch as few surfaces as possible, sanitize your hands regularly, use a face covering, avoid touching your face .Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or the inside of your elbow when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of waste safely including items such as used disposable face coverings you wear- in your own waste disposal packaging.

Travel by Bus or Rail; Our nearest train and bus stations is Oakham (only 5.2 miles away )currently we are unable to continue providing transport but there are now a number of taxi services running for the short distance -Oakham to Whissendine Village Sports Club (3 miles)

Car Parking Vehicles; Classes, Retreat and Event vehicles are given priority, please do not park in front of gates or road leading up to land, (access is required at all times).

Vehicles are not allowed to stay on land unless agreed by Diane. When permitted will be allocated with guidance on arrival to the left of the sacred land at top. You will have 15 minutes to unload vehicle and move to your car space for the duration of your stay. DONOT DRIVE OVER FIELD PLEASE 

Collection Vehicles: If you are being picked up, please ask your driver to kindly park OUTSIDE THE GATE BUT PLEASE ASK THEM NOT TO  obstructing Sports Club or Village Residence access.  Or otherwise if the gate is open they are welcome to wait in car park at bottom

We advise that all personal belongings are kept at home and we take NO responsibility for loss of any personal belongings or damage to vehicles or property

On arrival; The main gate will open, unload at designated space and please park cars at safe distance from each other. We ask that setting up is no longer that 1 hour and when done please come to the West Gate, this will stop build up of those arriving. If there is a queue please join it and stand at least 1m apart. You must use hand sanitizer before entering the Sports Club and Simply Divine Elemental Sacred Space so please bring you’re your personal sanitizers in the first instance.

Day visitors: Arrival 10am and finish no later than 7pm – No camping is allowed. Onsite parking is available however maybe limited, priority will be given to those attending full weekend retreats. When no spaces are available, please park somewhere safely in village without obstructing Sports Club Gate or Village Residence access

Overnight / Weekend Retreat Camping: During your stay, camping is required to be pre- booked as we now require size of your tent i.e. one / two/ three/four /family tent. This allows us to space out distance between tents accordingly to 2-3-4 meters guidelines. There will be NO sharing or going in others tents unless you are from same household.

Sport Club Facilities; The access code to both facilities of kitchen and toilet will be accessed by Diane. Numbers of people in designated areas: allowed at any one time –Men and Ladies toilets /Kitchen x 4. 

Those going to toilet at night must go in twos 

Seating: Currently seating in reception area of the Sports Club is unavailable due to the restrictions unless there is someone with disabilities that requires a resting period.

Seating Break Times : Sports Club Hall ,in event of extreme weather, seats and tables will be set out and able to use breakfast/ lunch/ Tea times only (as long as Sports Club is not booked by other parties.) Please go through the external double doors instead of main entrance . Social distancing rules applying at each seating table and cleaning down after use is required by products provided by us.

Outdoor seating is available and permitted

Kitchen Facilities; We only use the kitchen in Sports Cub if we hire the hall and this is only in extreme weather all cooking is to be done on the land  You will be required to clean down after use with products provided by us and take all personal packaging and waste away with you.

Additional cooking; for those that wish to cook outside their tent, we are happy for you to use small camping gas stove (this must be attended to at all times when lite and stored away safely after use)

Alternatively you can use fire provided by us, that is use for refreshments (when not in use). You MUST sanitize hands before/after and use fire gloves provided alongside plastic gloves with hands inside.

Storing Food; please request this on arrival and we will accomadate however please be mindful other workshops maybe used in sports club so access will be limited during this time 

we ask that all your dry and refreshment drinks remain in your tent preferably in small plastic container

Fridge - We have a fridge and ask hands are sanitized before placing food in and out of fridge, where necessary and food is kept to a minimum in ONE bag with identified name on.

Freezer- We have a Freezer and ask hands are sanitized before placing food in and out of freezer  where

necessary and food is kept to minimum in ONE bag with identified name on.

Washing up; there are two areas available for washing-up /kitchen in Sports Club / extended outdoor cold water pipe adjacent to the land, where you can washing-up away from other guests and speed up the amount of time spent at the sink. 

Rubbish Disposal; We have NO rubbish disposal at the Sports Club or Retreat so kindly request general waste and recycling materials are taken home

Please keep your site and rubbish to a minimum and double bagged rubbish that must be placed in small plastic container with lid inside or outside tent (we have many wonderful animals who wander around at night and LOVE FOOD).

Washrooms & Toilets; Our washroom toilets will be open for arrivals and at breaks ONLY but you must use hand sanitizer before entering; hand sanitizer is provided (we request using your own).

We request after washing hands you either use your own small hand towel or use paper towels provided and place safely in bin

Try to avoid using the washrooms to do things that you could easily do at your own tent such as brushing teeth, flannel washing, brushing hair. This will help reduce queuing times.

Personal Portable Toilets: Guests are welcome to bring their own portable toilet in their tents and dispose of waste during the evenings and clean thoroughly toilet area AFTER USE –Please note this can only be done between 9pm and 10pm and after closure of retreat.

Noise Pollution; We request when ANY Ceremony is taken place that this is respected and noise to a minimum .We request there is no music, disruptive noise and behavior and this must be lowered at 10.30pm for guest resting, local residence this includes around the camp fire.

Smoking/ Alcohol Onsite; We have ZERO tolerance of any alcohol or drugs onsite. Anyone found to have or taken will be asked to leave immediately. Smoking tobacco is permitted whilst outdoors please use designated areas and discard of cigarettes in ash trays provided.

Taken responsibility of actions – behavior We request you respect each other whilst on this sacred space.- Wise monkeys once said - “Hear no evil” “See no evil” “Speak no evil”. We have ZERO tolerance to any abusive behavior or language, if seen or heard, those will be ask to leave immediately.

Mobile Phones: We request that all mobile phones are tuned OFF during the weekend and only used in extreme circumstances.

Photographs: NO photos are permitted during the weekend without permission, we have our own photographer who will be with us and you will be able to purchase for a small donation after the event . You will also have opportunities AFTER all ceremonies have taken place .

Bookings and monetary exchange;

All booking must be made prior to attending and payments made via website or by bank transfer or PAY PAL other means which can be accessed by contacting Diane direct.

All bookings must be paid by designated time announced and payment is required in FULL. Once bookings are made, we now hold a non- refundable policy, if you cancel under all circumstances.

Please note we no longer have deposit schemes for any of our classes, retreats.

For those making cash donations;

Please place in our gratitude donation pot onsite (This continues supporting the running cost of supplies for retreats and those otherwise unavailable to attend- Biggest heartfelt gratitude in advance.

We are also now selling merchandise and supporting creative talented artist, if you personally make handmade sacred items please bring along, as others may wish to purchase on the day, barter or do mutual exchange. IS EQUALLY AS BEAUTIFUL 

Please contact Diane direct if you have any further questions email – [email protected]